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GUHRING - Инструмент для снятия заусенцев и града - 2008 EN

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De-burring tools

A first for internal de-burring: Carbide tools

Guhring is the first manufacturer world-wide to offer car-     There is a choice of four solutions:                     	
bide tools for internal and external de-burring operations.    1. De-burring fork EW 100 G - standard tool
This, however, does not involve machining in the full-         2. De-burring spiral EW 100 S - semi-standard tool
est sense of the word - as with, for exemple, convention-      3. De-burring lance EW 100 L - special tool
al drills, milling cutters, taps, reamers and countersinks.    	 for internal de-burring through deformation caused by
Instead, the de-burring tool very carefully shaves off the     	 very high pressure coolant.
burr and can also, if required, create a chamfer.              4. De-burring milling cutter EW 100 F - special tool
                                                               	 for external de-burring.
For the quality of a workpiece – especially with intersecting
and cross holes – then internal de-bur-ring is gaining more    This not only means a considerable cost and time saving
and more importance. This applies to, for example, oil gal-    for the production, but also, more importantly, improved
leries in modern high performance engines, where an opti-      quality and process reliability. Moreover Guhring offers a
mal flow rate is dependent on perfect internal de-burring.     de-burring milling cutter for external de-burring to custom-
Highly accurate de-burring and producing a chamfer is also     er’s specific application tasks.
increasingly required in crankshafts, valve blocks, steering
arms, rotational housings, drive elements, injector nozzles
and brake cylinders.

Whilst the de-burring of the entry to the hole hardly caus-    Solid carbide de-burring fork EW 100 G
es a problem, the internal de-burring of through holes in      Solid carbide de-burring spiral EW 100 S
many cases involves an extensive operation that is often       Solid carbide de-burring lance EW 100 L
carried out manually and is time and cost intensive.

With the newly developed and patented carbide tools for
internal de-burring, Guhring is providing the possibility
to automate and rationalise this production step applying
high performance tools.

                                                               Solid carbide de-burring milling cutter EW 100 F

Exit                                              …and following machining with de-burring lance.
of through hole prior to …
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