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GUHRING - RT100R - Сверла для обработки чугуна со сферической заточкой - 2008 EN

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Ratio drill type RT 100 R

New materials require new tooling      wall thicknesses whilst keeping the                                          New:
solutions. As an innovative tool       output of the engine the same. Sub-                                          Standard range 5 x D and 7 x D
manufacturer, Guhring has always       sequently, the automotive indus-                                             Now the wear resistant solid carbide
followed this concept and is reacting  try is demanding tools from tool                                             drill is available as a standard item
to the increasing application of CGI   manufacturers that can economi-                                              in the ExclusiveLine range. The two
(cast iron with compacted graphite     cally machine these new materials.                                           standard drills are 5 x D and 7 x D
iron) and ADI (austempered ductile     Conventional drills have so far not                                          with internal cooling and are suita-
iron) in the automotive industry with  achieved satisfactory results.                                               ble for a wide range of applications.
the new Ratio drill type RT 100 R.                                                                                  However, they offer ex-stock availa-
                                       Guhring has therefore developed                                              bility and reasonable prices.
High tensile strength is               the new Ratio drill type RT 100 R.
exceptionally demanding                Thanks to its patented radius point                                          Furthermore the RT 100 R is availa-
CGI and ADI offer high tensile         geometry it offers highest perfor-                                           ble as a special tool with or without
strengths, i.e. making it possible to  mance and economic efficiency for                                            internal cooling to fit your specific
increase the output of an engine       the machining of the new mate-                                               application. Guhring can, for exam-
whilst keeping the wall thickness      rials. With its unique balance of face                                       ple, provide application orientated
of the engine block the same or to     contour and flute profile it pro-                                            coatings or even modify the design
reduce the weight through thinner      vides rigidity, dimensional accuracy                                         of a step drill. For the special tool
                                       and process reliability.                                                     request form please see page 7.

                                       Powerful in common cast materials                                            Our recommendation:
                                       The new radius point geometry offers                                         The RT 100 R drills are especially
                                       more than machining of CGI and                                               suited for machining under minimal
                                       ADI. It is also recommended for the                                          quantity lubrication conditions. With
                                       machining of common cast materials                                           MQL we recommend a tool design
                                       such as grey cast iron, spheroidal                                           with conical shank end and the ap-
                                       graphite and malleable cast iron.                                            plication of Guhring‘s MQL screw
                                                                                                                    and components. Please contact
                                                                                                                    our technical service department for
                                                                                                                    more information.

                                       Selected machining results with RT 100 R drills

                                       Diameter                                16                                   17

                                       Coating              FIRE                                                    Super A

                                       Material             GGG50                                                   GGG40
                                       Drilling depth (mm)     20                                                      50

                                       Cooling                  IK                                                        IK
                                       Lubricant            neat oil                                                soluble oil

                                       vc [m/min]           120 160
                                       f [mm/rev.]          0,5 0,6

                                                    Tool life [m] 615 305
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