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GUHRING - Ружейные сверла - 2008 EN

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Tailor-made and ex-stock tools                                                                                    Production
More than 25 years experience in the                                                                     Sigmaringen-Laiz
production of gun drills

In the past, deep hole gun drilling was   More than twentyfive years, Guhring is                         Carbide production
one of the most difficult cutting tasks   dedicated to the subject of “deep hole                                   G-Elit Berlin
that could only be achieved on special    drilling”. The experiences gained have
machines. Those times are long gone,      subsequently always been invested in                              Production G-Elit
because Guhring has overcome this         more advanced products. Many take                                                 Berlin
problem by providing flexible, custo-     part in Guhring’s progress: The R&D
mised solutions ensuring tailor-made      centre, which sets new standards with                          Production Sulkov/
precision and ex-stock gun drills for     up-to-date cutting technology, the carbi-                            Czech Republic
different applications as a reasonable    de production that continuously adapts                                     Production
offer with short delivery times.          improved substrates to the increasing                               Brookfield/USA
                                          requirements and the coating technolo-                                     Production
Tailor-made precision as well as ex-      gy department which is responsible for                                Nagoya/Japan
stock gun drills offer high cutting ac-   finely synchronising the design of the                                     Production
curacy, alignment accuracy and sur-       tool and the coating process.
face quality even for extreme drilling                                                                     Chungnam/Korea
depths. At Guhring, single-fluted gun     However, Guhring is not just satisfied
drills for example are designed speci-    to supply high quality tools. Guhring
fically according to the circumstances    experts are available world-wide and
of each cutting task. Their speciality:   on-site for customers and associates:
On rigid machines Guhring gun drills
prove to be especially flexible, power-   • Coating plants
ful and effective.                        • Re-grinding centres
                                          • Tool management for all
Guhring solutions even make deep
hole drilling possible in high-alloyed      cutting tools
steel and extreme types of chilled cast
iron. Or if we take the solid carbide EB  Take advantage!
100 gun drill which is capable of, to a
certain extent, extreme cutting para-
meters with equally high process sa-

Especially suitable for mass-produc-
tion Guhring has developed the EB
800 gun drill with interchangeable
inserts. This gun drill system can be
adapted to different applications and
offers highest performance.



2 Gun drills