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GUHRING - Твердосплавные микросверла - 2009 EN

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Solid carbide micro-precision drills
Technical data and avantages

Optimal tool design                       Additional specifications are the                                         Small but mighty -
down to the smallest detail               reinforced shank for improved tool                                        with and without internal cooling
The production of the smallest holes      clamping and the SuperA-coating, which                                    Solid carbide micro-precision drills
requires highest accuracy. Solid carbide  is especially designed for demanding                                      without internal cooling for drilling
micro-precision drills of Guhring‘s       applications like the machining of                                        depths up to 4xD and 7xD are available
ExclusiveLine are designed to optimally   hardened steels or HSC.                                                   in the diameter range from 0.8 to 3.0
satisfy these requirements.               Micro-precision drills with internal                                      mm.
They enable high-performance              cooling are available with spiral coolant                                 Holes up to 8xD and 15xD are the
machining in the majority of materials.   ducts thanks to the company‘s own                                         domain of solid carbide micro-precision
The 4 facet point grind with honed        carbide technology.                                                       drills with internal cooling. Thanks to
cutting edges offer high cutting rates                                                                              the optimised tool geometry, pecking is
and optimal chip breaking. The special                                                                              not required for holes up to 15xD with
flute profile provides problem free                                                                                 Guhring‘s solid carbide micro-precision
swarf evacuation from the hole.                                                                                     drills.
                                                                                                                    The tool design makes the solid carbide
                                                                                                                    micro-precision drill up to 4xD without
                                                                                                                    internal cooling optimally suitable as a
                                                                                                                    pilot drill for the 15xD micro-precision
                                                                                                                    drill with internal cooling.

                                                                                                                    now wNaintEhd WI1C5xfoDr 8xD

Machining examples of solid carbide micro-precision drills 8xD and 15xD with IC

Guhring no.           6408                  6408                         6412                                         6412

Diameter            1.4 mm                2.5 mm                       2.5 mm                                       2.1 mm
Coating             SuperA                SuperA                       SuperA                                       SuperA

 Material group           cast iron       alloyed case hardened steel  alloyed heat-treatable steel                   stainless steel

 Material                   GG25          16MnCr5                      42CrMo4                                        X6CrNiTi18 10
 description                 8xD              8xD                         15xD                                              15xD
 Drill. depth [mm]       blind hole
 Hole type                                blind hole                   blind hole                                        blind hole
                          IC 80 bar
 Cooling                soluble oil             IC 80 bar                    IC 80 bar                                    IC 80 bar
 Coolant            machining centre          soluble oil                  soluble oil                                  soluble oil
 Machine type                                                                                                       machining centre
                              80          machining centre             machining centre
 vc [mm/min]                  0.1                                                                                             60
 f [mm/rev.]                                  120                      100                                                   0.03
                             150             0.14                      0.1
 Tool life [m]                                                                                                                60
                                              110                      60