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GUHRING - Высокопроизводительные развертки HR500 - 2010 EN

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HR 500 high-performance reamers
Technology and advantages

Dramatic time reduction                                             coolant delivery is unconditionally               Better than cermet,
up to factor 50                                                     maintained even with re-ground tools.             but without its disadvantages:
With the comrehensive HR 500 range                                  By the way, the user need not fear a              HR 500 solid carbide high-
Guhring provides high-performance                                   negative influence on the clamping in             performance reamers
reamers for virtually any application                               hydraulic or shrink fit chucks due to             The performance level of solid carbide
task. Countless technical innovations                               the oil grooves.The remaining bearing             HPC reamers HR 500 could so far
give HR 500 high-performance                                        surface is more than sufficient for a             only be achieved with cermet tools
reamers their exceptional properties,                               secure clamping.                                  and had to be acquired with several
from which the user benefits from                                                                                     disadvantages. Cermet reamers are
maximum cutting rates and therefore                                 Maximum performance                               only suitable for the machining of few
shortest machining times as well as                                 in blind holes                                    materials, whilst solid carbide reamers
optimum hole qualities.                                             HR 500 high-performance reamers                   HR 500 can be applied in close to all
                                                                    for the machining of blind holes are              materials including soft and stainless
New ways of machining                                               internally cooled with a central coolant          steels as well as aluminium and AlSi-
through holes                                                       duct. Its especially large cross-section          alloys.
The specially developed straight-flute                              ensures the optimal delivery of the               Machining with interrupted cut or
geometry is unique with reamers for                                 coolant to the cutting edge of the                non-rigid machining conditions are
through holes. It enables extremely high                            tool. The straight-fluted tool geometry           not possible at all with cermet tools
cutting rates also for deep holes. At the                           combined with the outstanding                     but with solid carbide in most cases
same time, the straight-flute geometry                              coolant supply again ensure the safe              this is not a problem. In addition,
combined with the exceptional coolant                               evacuation of the optimally formed                generally cermet reamers are
delivery supports the problem-free                                  chips.                                            comparatively more expensive.
chip evacuation ahead of the cutting
edge. Subsequently, the excellent                                                                                     The user gains multiple benefits with
reamed surface remains optimally                                                                                      the new Guhring HR 500 reamer:
preserved, as chips do not return back                                                                                •	 extremely high cutting rates,
within the flutes.                                                                                                    •	 considerable time saving and
                                                                                                                      	 therefore cost saving in the
                     pfoarteglnotrtnhogeoaipvtsepuhsldaieiinnndkal                                                    	 production
                                                                                                                      •	 broad range of application
                                                                                                                      •	 a standard program with favourable

                                                                                                                        prices as well as excellent stock
                                                                                                                      •	 intermediate dimensions, that can
                                                                                                                        be produced quickly and cost-
                                                                                                                        effectively at any time.
                                                                                                                      •	 HR 500 ACTIVE special range with
                                                                                                                        4 weeks delivery for intermediate
                                                                                                                        sizes and stepped tools.

The optimal coolant supply is ensured                               Coolant pressure (bar)  80                                          HR 500 D  20
by patent applied for longitudinal                                                          70                                          HR 500 D  14
grooves ground in the re-inforced                                                           60      100  120 160             200        HR 500 D  10
HA shank, their position exactly                                                            50                                          HR 500 S
synchronised to the spacing of the                                                          40           Cutting speed (Vc)
reamer flute. This version of external                                                      30                                    250
cooling has more than one advantage                                                         20
over internal cooling via radial coolant                                                    10
ducts:The solid portion is considerably
more rigid and a flow restriction is not                                                     0
created through eroded or sintered                                                              60
cooling ducts. In addition, chips
cannot become lodged - with this                                    Coolant pressure - cutting speed
solution non existent - exit holes of the                           valid for standard dimensions
coolant ducts. Furthermore, the optimal

2 HR 500                                                                                    guhring@guhring-tools.ru