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GUHRING - Резьбофрезы - 2015 EN

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Thread milling cutters by

Features and Benefits:

Sub-micro grain carbide substrate
         Longer tool life with tighter tolerances

More cost-effective than indexable thread mills
PVD TiCN coating standard on many series

         Extends tool life by providing heat and wear resistance
Helical flute design reduces chatter
The same carbide thread mill can produce

         - Right or left hand threads
         - Single or multiple thread leads
Countersink style thread mills (TMC, DTMC) eliminate secondary operations
Coolant-fed style thread mills
         For improved chip evacuation and better surface finish
Drill & thread mill styles (DTMC) combine drill and threading into one tool

           Well-suited for:
                   • Steels
                   • Stainless steels
                   • Titanium and alloys
                   • High-temperature alloys
                   • Non-ferrous materials