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GUHRING - Высокопроизводительные развертки HR500 - 2014 EN

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HR 500 high-performance reamers

Tool material        VHM                HM                                        Cermet
Internal cooling
                     Solid carbide Carbide-tipped

Standard                G
Type                 to Guhring standard
Cutting direction
Tolerance            HR 500 HR 500 HR 500 HR 500 HR 500 HR 500 HR 500 HR 500 HR 500 HR 500

                     S Guss S Alu S G S GT S                                      D Guss D Alu D G D GT D

                     Blind hole (S)                                               Through hole (D)



                     H7 +0,005

Hole type

                     Through hole           Blind hole

No.of cutting edges

Shank form           HA

Helix angle


Spacing                EU
                     extremely unequal

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